Professional Bookkeeping Services in Montreal

Bookkeeping is a vital component of the operations and management of any business. Invest in experienced bookkeeping to free up your valuable time, so you can concentrate on your business operations.

An experienced bookkeeper will allow your business to have access to timely financial information, in order for management to make important decisions in real time.

Working with a well-trained and professional bookkeeper is ideal to maintain accurate financial data.

Apart from keeping your books in good order, by leveraging professional bookkeeping services, especially when you are still in the startup phase, helps you improve the decision-making process, and set your business up with the right structures and will ensure that you are on the right path to prosperity.


At KVB CPA, we can help you with all your bookkeeping services. We will handle the records and numbers, so that you can target your focus on growing your business.

As professional bookkeepers, we provide you with personalized bookkeeping services that are most suitable to your business’ bookkeeping needs.

Whether you need the service on a quarterly, monthly, or weekly basis, we have the flexibility to provide you with exactly what you need.

We understand our clients’ needs change over time, and will evolve and adapt to the level of services required as your company’s operations grow.

We offer both remote and in-house services, depending on your needs and preferences.

Whether you are in Montreal or in the neighboring suburbs, we would be happy to show up at your office to help you with your books.


Our professional bookkeepers offer a variety of services to companies and small businesses in Montreal. The services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Management of accounts receivable and accounts payable – this will help you keep a close eye on your expenses and profits, so that you can easily monitor the success of your business.
  • Preparation of key financial statements – these will help you generate proper insights into your company’s transactions, so that you can effectively plan operations.
  • Bank reconciliation – this is to avoid any discrepancies that might arise between bank balances and accounting records.
  • Preparation of monthly financial reports – at the end of each month, we will prepare the relevant reports after the closing of accounts.
  • Provide contact with external auditors – the best accountants should be the link between your business and external auditors, providing all the required documents, and representing the interests of your company.


Regrettably, most people do not understand the importance of proper bookkeeping for their businesses, until it is too late.

This is a service that you should consider the moment you start operations, because it will go a long way in helping your business get established on the right path.

Here is a brief look at some of the reasons why you must consider professional accounting and bookkeeping for your business:

Professional and Unbiased Financial Opinion

One of the duties of a professional bookkeeper is to keep track of your business’ finances, and to assess potential problems that may show up along the way, offering solutions as quickly as possible.

Since you may be busy trying to take the business to the next level, there are so many subtle things that you can easily miss in your finances, and such might have detrimental effects along the line.

With a bookkeeper, you will get vital financial insights for your business, which will tell you exactly how healthy your business finances are.

Their opinions will be unbiased, since all they want is to help you grow your business.

You Will Avoid Unnecessary Conflicts of Interest

If you are running a partnership, then transparency is a must for the success of your venture.

By letting one party take care of the bookkeeping services, there could be potential disagreements a few months along the line, and accusations of misconduct or misappropriations may arise.

Such are recipes that may cause partnerships to be discontinued, and risk destroying businesses that would have otherwise flourished.

Such problems can be easily avoided with professional bookkeeping services, because professional bookkeepers are not directly connected to your business, and offer outside perspective, including various actionable insights.

They can be trusted by both partners in the business, and no one has to worry about another partner cooking the books, skewing them towards their own interests.

Low Cost in the Long Run

Depending on the size of your business and the nature of your operations, you may need the services of a bookkeeper every day.

As such, it won’t be financially prudent to hire a full-time bookkeeper on a full salary when their work can be done in just a couple of days in a month.

Outsourcing, therefore, would be a great way to ensure efficiency, while at the same time keeping the costs low.

Helps With Your Tax Obligations

As the business owner, you have tax obligations that you must fulfill. Ignoring or failing to fulfill such an obligation may bring you lots of problems from the tax authorities.

Filing your tax returns is something that is done annually, but one which you have to do correctly and at a good time.

With the help of a professional bookkeeper, you will be assured of getting all the financial records straight and filing your returns in good time so that you remain tax compliant.

The other notable benefits you will get from professional bookkeeping services include improved management and financial analysis, better and faster decision making, and accurate reports to investors.


Ready to streamline your financial record-keeping and ensure accurate bookkeeping for your business in Montreal? Look no further than KVB CPA for professional bookkeeping services. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing reliable and efficient bookkeeping solutions and accounting services tailored to your specific needs. Don’t let the burden of bookkeeping hold you back. Experience the expertise of KVB CPA and take your financial management to the next level.