Are you wondering, “where can I find a CPA near me”? We at KVB CPA are a team of highly-experienced CPAs in Montreal, ready to lend you our expertise. Here is a brief overview of some of the services you can expect to get from us:

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Bookkeeping is a vital part of proper accounting in any business.

With proper bookkeeping, you will be in a great position to prepare financial reports and statements, manage your accounting data, and keep the vital financial documents in compliance with applicable regulations and requirements, and much more.

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Auditing is essential for ensuring that your financial statements are in order, and that everything is well-accounted for.

Audits are essential keeping your books clean and in the best position to guide the decision-making process.

At KVB CPA, you can trust the auditing services provided by our CPAs in Montreal to help you ensure that you meet the government regulations and requirements for your accounting.

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Whatever services you may need in the financial sector, we have the expertise to provide guidance for both short term and long-term accounting solutions.

Whether you need normal accounting, bookkeeping services, tax consultation, business planning accounting audits or financial life planning, we are the right professionals to work with.

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Our estate planning services can help you in a number of ways. We offer guidance in filing the final, terminal, personal tax return, as well as estate tax returns. Additionally, we can help complete the estate mandates.

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We plan and organize your finances to ensure that you comply with government regulations.

We also help you develop a long-term tax strategy so that you never have to worry about back tax issues, and remain in compliance with the CRA.

Let our CPAs in Montreal be your preferred local income tax accountants.

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Our CPAs in Montreal are equipped to get your books in order.

Accounting is a vital component of any successful business. The right personal financial advisor can help ensure that all your figures add up, and can help you make sound financial decisions.


At KVB CPA, we integrate accounting and bookkeeping services into your business operations. We use efficient and reliable solutions designed to meet your business’ financial goals.

We know that you require planned administration and financial professionals to help you make proper business decisions.

Our bookkeeping services allow you to easily access relevant financial information and insights pertaining to your business.

At KVB CPA, you’ll work directly with a CPA in Montreal, from the very first phone call onward. You can rely on us to manage your accounting, bookkeeping and tax needs effectively, with dedicated, personal service.

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At KVB CPA, we value relationships. We are eager to form the kind of relationship that will grant us the opportunity to better understand each other and allow us to offer you the very best accounting and bookkeeping services.

We are a team of committed Montreal CPAs with the knowledge, experience, and expertise to deliver personalized financial solutions in the areas of accounting, tax, and a myriad of other business advisory services.

Regardless of your specific needs, we will assist you in the most professional manner.


Are you a small business owner in need of a professional team to help manage of your accounting?

Is it really the best use of your time to file returns, handle regular bookkeeping, and other accounting tasks that are slowing the growth of your business?

Use our accounting services to remove this burden, allocate your time most productively, and focus on growing your business.


At KVB CPA, our team of Montreal CPAs offer a wide range of accounting solutions to help businesses gain control over their finances, make the best decisions, allocate resources optimally, and comply with all the required statutory regulations.

We are a team of experienced, professional accountants and tax experts, ready to ensure that all your business accounting needs are tended to, and are managed effectively.

The combined experience we gained by working with a variety of industries has granted us the flexibility to solve complex accounting problems, to understand the particulars of your business, and to develop the right strategy for you.

Whether your business is a small one or a startup, a corporation that has prioritized cleaning up their books, or an import and export company keen on complying with accounting and tax regulations, our services are designed to fuel your success.

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The experience and competency resulting from our combined experience allow us to observe the highest control standards in accounting and auditing.

Depending on your industry and current state of affairs, we will adopt measures to ensure that any inefficiencies are avoided, and will advise you regarding the optimal allocation of your resources as a means of maximizing your business’ profitability.

Our main goal is to ensure that you receive the information you need so that you can make sound business decisions that allow you to achieve your objectives.


Searching for a CPA in Montreal? Search no further! Call us today for reliable local business accounting services. We will be delighted to work with you and help you take your business to the next level in terms of resource allocation, productivity, growth, and profitability.

Your financial future starts with KVB CPA!

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